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Long-term use of air-conditioning will cause a lot of dust and bacteria to accumulate in the machine. The humid weather in Hong Kong provides a suitable environment for bacteria and mold to grow. Cleaning the dust filter by yourself cannot completely clean the dust inside the machine, which not only affects the indoor air quality, but also affects the operating efficiency and lifespan of the air conditioner, thereby increasing the electricity and maintenance costs. Therefore, experts recommend that professionals should be hired to clean the air conditioner every year .

Why Choose Shun Hing:


Shun Hing Electric Service Center air-conditioner cleaning services are all handled by experienced and strictly trained technicians. The unified cleaning process can ensure professional service standards.

• Provide services to different household and commercial customers

• Trusted by customers

• Many years of experience in air conditioner cleaning, maintenance and installation

• No hidden costs

• Technical teams are strictly trained

• Professional certification

• Possess different engineering licenses

• Engineering insurance

• Labor Insurance

• Third party liability insurance

• Multiple disassembly and washing procedures

• Use environmentally friendly syrup for air conditioners

• Carefully protect the site environment and objects before washing the machine, and properly clean the site after completion

• Provide high-quality service and maintenance, followed by a professional team


1. Check the air conditioner 

2. Protect the site

3. Remove the air conditioner cover and filter for cleansing

4. Spray the environmentally friendly cleaner on air conditioner


5. Use a high pressure water gun for cleansing

6. Use Karcher hot steam machine for steaming (Only for Steaming service)

7.  Spray an antibacterial protective layer on the evaporator (Only for steaming service)

8. 抺乾及組裝冷氣機(確保冷氣機組件乾透)       

Eco Anti-Microbial Air Conditioner Steam Cleansing:


Shun Hing Electrical Appliance Service Center specially introduced Australia's environmentally friendly sterilization steaming technology. It adopts an antibacterial and antibacterial coating that is imported from Australia and certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency to provide air conditioners with an effective antibacterial and antibacterial effect for up to one year*. Combined with Kärcher (Germany Brand) professional hot steam machine high temperature steaming, it can effectively prevent mold and inhibit the growth of bacteria, and improve indoor air quality.

Bacteria levels of products with and without antibacterial and antifungal coating


The air-conditioner sterilization steaming solution is most suitable for Hong Kong's humid weather, and provides more health protection for children, elderly people, pets and family members suffering from nasal allergies.


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